Shirley Jackson Eat Your Heart Out

Dark Harvest - Norman Partridge

Sometime a book just strikes you, it lingers in your mind for quite some time. This is one of these books. I went into this thinking it's going to be your typical gore, horror, cheap thrill books, which is fine. I do enjoy a good, senseless, cheap, gory read from time to time, but this one was more than just a cheap thrill.


The nostalgic presence of juvenescence seeps through it pages. I want to say almost Brabury-esk, but Partridge definitely holds his own. The writing itself was superb, the beginning, middle and end were perfect. My only objection is that it is such a short book. 


There's something that's been bothering me, and it really has nothing to do with the book, but my inability to shelf it. It's a horror, but not. It's a YA, but also not. I haven't seen anyone shelf it as YA, but from my knowledge of what YA is, this book is it. This book is really something in itself.


Overall I loved it, it was a perfect read for Halloween. It wasn't sleep with your light on scary, but the creepiness permeates the entire story. Not what I was expecting, but nonetheless a pleasant surprise.