It - Stephen King What can I say about this chilling masterpiece? Well, I can add that I'm pretty sure most of my generation is afraid of clowns, because of this book/movie. Although, I do remember going to the circus at a very young age and experiencing an old, drunk clown that scared me a bit, but I also saw the movie rather young (that and Killer Klowns from Outer Space).

Is this book about a killer clown that eats children? No. Well, yes that does happen, but no. This is a coming of age story about friendship and taking a stand. I would have been surprised if I gave this book fewer than five stars, that's how much the movie impacted my childhood.

The only part that left me speechless was the part where all the boys go train on Bev. Doesn't that mean her father was right? Don't get me wrong here, he was a mean sob, but really? Isn't that why he worried a lot? I suppose I just felt so bad for Ben.

Then, you may wonder, who is my favorite character? And I have to say all of them, the whole Lucky Seven, even Stan, even though he punked out, but that was explained too. Which probably makes it okay about the going train part, because they are like one entity.

I would love to see a further installment of this story, more about the turtle and the coming of It. I found that to be the most confusing but engrossing part. That would be "It 2", but with a title more clever... hint, hint.

Even though this book took me forever to finish (I blame the library for having so many good books to check out), I still savored every demented page. King is King.

P.S. I still try to step around storm drains, I tell myself it's so I don't accidentally fall in somehow, but we all know the real reason.